Chess Openings for Beginners!

Developing a chess opening repertoire can be very confusing for new and intermediate players mainly because they still lack the knowledge and experience to develop their own chess opening repertoire. There are several steps involved in developing a chess opening while reading books like My First Chess Opening Repertoire will help you develop a chess opening repertoire fast but before you start you need to take into consideration which kinds of openings you’ll be playing.

Select Openings Based On Your Goals

If you just want to play Chess for the fun of it or simply the challenge then using sticking to a simpler chess opening is the right idea since you’ll have to decide how you’ll be playing as you go. On the other hand, if you’re determined to advance your game and play competitively then learning engine proof openings is highly recommended because you get the best positions with the mainline openings. Players that are just starting out don’t need to focus too much on their style but rather they should start out by enjoying the game and slowly getting involved with playing chess competitively.

Read Good Books On Openings

Knowing is half the battle which is why you need to learn from the right sources. The problem with most chess opening repertoire books is that they either offer too little, are too complex or just become outdated too soon. Additionally, no one that’s starting out will want to invest enough time to read a massive book. You need to look for good chess opening repertoire books that are simple, offer great value and keep you engaged. A good example of a chess opening repertoire done right is My First Chess Opening Repertoire written by Vincent Moret, which offers some of the best chess openings for white that casual or beginners will definitely want to learn. I highly recommend this one.

Plan Ahead

A strong opening will get you a long way in the game but if you can’t maintain the advantage through the mid and end game then you’ll likely to end up losing. When you play an opening you need to plan ahead and come with a proper line to follow through the mid and end game. A great way to improve your mid and end game is to study complete master games, for instance, all the games from the World Cup, and then within your opening repertoire and try to integrate them into your own play style so that you can maintain the advantage you gain and from using an opening and win.