Why learning chess tactics is good for beginners

When another piece attacks the king and the king has no possible move to escape, this is checkmate. It’s the aim of the game.

However, it’s not as easy as that – you can’t checkmate your opponent without preparation, and this is where strategy comes in.

But how would one side be able to take the other side’s pieces without sacrificing your own?

The Magnus Carlsen tactics trainer on Chessable

The Magnus Carlsen tactics trainer on Chessable

This is where tactics come in. Most new players focus on strategy more rather than learning about tactics to keep their pieces alive and take their opponents.

Why Tactics Are Important?

Many beginners opt to just sit and wait for their opponent to let his guard down or take advantages of his mistakes like leaving pieces unguarded, this will enable you to take your opponents piece.

If you have some basic knowledge about playing chess, you will know how easy it is for the two sides to trade pieces by using simple strategies: your knight takes your opponent’s bishop, your opponents pawn takes your knight, and you’ll be even.

By using tactics in chess, if – for example – you can create a scenario where your knight takes down your opponent’s bishop while ensuring your knight stays safe, you will have a definite edge that will probably prove to be decisive.

If the number of pieces of one player is more pieces than the other, he will most probably be the one to win the match; between good players, if one player has even the advantage of a single piece it will be enough to cause the disadvantaged party to resign.

What To Do When Strategy Fails?

Let’s just suppose you have a good understanding of the opening and you have had a good start but your opponent is still giving you a hard time, so now in the middle game the position is locked. What should you do now?

This is where tactics show their true worth to help you open your position make some exchanges, sacrifices, manoeuvres or some moves so that you can play according to your strategy.

Now let’s suppose there is another scenario where you have played very well. You have acquired a good strategy and let’s just say there is an attack from queen’s side now you have a positional advantage or have taken the initiative.

Now what you want are Tactics that will enable you to carry out your strategy exactly according to your plan.

For beginners focusing on Strategy from the get go, it’s highly recommended that you make learning chess tactics your top priority to help you survive matches for longer.

This will also help you have a good time and accumulate more practice and considering you’ll be playing people around your level from the start learning good tactics will give you a better shot at victory.