The Best Chess Books!

If you want to get good at chess, you better be prepared to read a lot. A good chess player reads a lot of books about chess so that they don’t make the same mistake other players have made when they were improving. Reading books about Chess is the best way to get more knowledge about the game and if you truly like playing chess then reading the best Chess books will definitely be a great use of your time. Having read the top selection of the best chess books by chess masters, I was encouraged to pick my own favorites, here they are:

Collection School of Chess Excellence by Dvoretsky

This is not a single book but rather a complete collection of 5 books. These books are aimed towards experienced players that are hoping to advance their game. The Collection School of Chess Excellence is by far one of the most comprehensive and best chess books ever due to the vast amount of positions, strategies, recommendations and information regarding chess. Some strategies can even give the most experienced grandmasters a good run for their money.

Chess by Laszlo Polgar

Chess by Laszlo Polgar is one of the best chess books ever written. If you’re a beginner and want to improve your game fast, then this chess book is made for you. This book contains 5,334 different chess problems, combinations and games that will boost the tactical capacity of any beginner. Even though this is a great book for beginners experienced players can learn quite a bit as well. The majority of this book is complex enough to give experienced players a workout while keeping them entertained. It definitely worked for me which means it’ll probably work just as well for you.

Zurich International Tournament by David Bronstein

If you’re looking for one the best chess books that are more focused on the story, then Zurich International Tournament is the perfect fit. The Zurich International Tournament held in 1953 was the most meaningful tournament in the postwar years and constrains all parts of the tournament contenders. In the comments made by the author, more focus has been put on the middlegames of each game.

Secrets of Grandmaster Play by Nunn

The Secrets of Grandmaster Play is not a very well-known book but reading it will definitely help you understand how to win at chess and help you become a better strategist. This book is targeted towards advanced players that need to figure out a way to reach the next level of their game to prepare themselves to reach for the title of the grandmaster.

My 60 Most Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was one of the best chess players of all time, this book has Bobby Fischer’s 60 most memorable games documented which any chess enthusiast will love to read. This book is written by Bobby Fischer himself and covers a rather awesome selection of games, not just the wins. Reading about how Bobby Fischer felt when losing or having a draw is an experience of its own and will surely result in a great read for any chess enthusiast.

I hope you enjoy some of my recommendations, and good luck on your path of chess improvement!