The Ruy Lopez for Beginners

Whether you’re new to Chess or a seasoned player, you must have heard about the Ruy Lopez. As far as openings in Chess go, the Ruy Lopez is one of the most profound, complex yet basic openings in chess. It leads to an open game that means both sides playing gain a lot of experience. This is one of the main reasons why it’s regarded as one of the best openings for beginners for chess. Learning the basics of the Ruy Lopez is comparatively simpler than most other openings and doesn’t take too long. Having checked out the free Short & Sweet: Ruy Lopez over at Chessable, I thought I’d add my own two cents with some of the basics for the Ruy Lopez that every beginner should know.

The main concept behind the Ruy Lopez is to advance the White Bishop. The Bishop opens many possibilities for the game while pinning down the Black’s Knight to the King immobilizing one of Black’s key pieces. You can also develop the bishop to b5 to attack the Black’s Knight. Even though many openings focus on taking the f7 square early on, the Ruy Lopez takes a slower and methodical approach. The Roy Lopez takes it’s time to extend the length of the game while slowly building pressure to attack black’s king.

Alternatively, you can also develop the Knight first. As white, use the King Pawn (the Pawn in front of the King) and place it in the center, leaving black a few options to counter except to counter in the same way. Develop a knight to attack the pawn black played. Naturally, Black will have no option except to defend the pawn with a knight. Now it’s time to develop the bishop to b5 to create a harmony between the Knight and Bishop to attack e5 allowing white to prepare to castle at the same time. Obviously, there are there are many more variations of the Ruy Lopez that are played since it is one of the oldest and best openings for beginners.

Being the oldest also means that there’s a high chance that your opponent has also heard of it which is why it’s always recommended to play it with caution. For most beginners, the Ruy Lopez might seem like a slow and boring opening – which it is – but drastically improves the chances of your coming out with a win. You can’t play a lot of surprises with the Ruy Lopez but for a beginner starting out you should be able to easily gain some valuable experience and some wins to motivate yourself.